now phishers in France use electricity company EDF to get very valuable documents from users for ID theft

"At the end of January last year, French power company EDF advised the public that they were seeing a significant rise in the number of phishing complaints they were receiving from their customers. An example story in English from The Connexion: EDF customers hit in 'phishing' scam, says that an EDF spokesperson said beginning in August of 2012 they were seeing 20,000 customers per month complaining about the phish and that in January 2013 it had risen to as many as 40,000 customers per month. As many as 200 to 300 new phishing sites per month were being created at that time.

This week Malcovery is noticing that the EDF phish are back, with a twist! The current EDF phish are asking for documents with an enormous value for identity theft and are targeting many different French banks with the information. Here's what a currently live phishing site looks like:

This is the same reason why you can't throw such documents as such in the dustbin.

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