#ukraine taking a break from Ukraine

As in other stories where we followed the beginning and first developments we stop and go back to our normal work once the situation has become clear.

It is clear that there will be no invasion soon although the situation will continue to worsen. We will come back if this happens.

It is clear the present government in Kiev doesn't have the will, the power and the knowledge to force a military or police re-action to this low form of warfare.

It is clear that we are getting into a cold war 2.0 although germany and especially the german socialists aren't ready to give up on Putin and don't understand what he is doing and why he is dangerous as the debate yesterday among the contenders for the President of the European Commission showed (although you could hardly call it a debate, but it was a first time and you still have to learn)

It is clear that we now will have to see anything Russian or done by satellites of Russia through other eyes and not more as new friends who were once enemies. The mix of extreme right and left in the third way or the complex propaganda mix supporting Putin and his Russian kind of corporatism (inspired by the Solidarism of the 1930's) changes (or refreshes) puts a new factor on the extremist political field.

It is clear that NATO is back, that we will have a remilitarisation of Europe, that this low-level warfare is the modern way of overthrowing regimes (a military variant of the colored revolutions who didn't take arms and used paramilitary)

It is clear that a big majority even in Eastern Ukraine doesn't want to be annexed to Russia or become independent but for the moment aren't capable of organizing any protest with the means to resist violent attacks by armed thugs.

Sometimes I even think that an invasion would be good for Ukraine. It would liberate the army to storm the occupied buildings as military centers. It would make it very clear where all this shit is coming from. It would force the Chamberlains in Europe to understand that nobody was joking when the Putin said that he wanted to restore the Old USSR

So as we know understood what is happening why we will go back to our research and reporting about all the other things in the security world

The last couple of weeks we have informed you about the strategic concepts that have changed, the methods that were used, the players and how things were being set up

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and if something very interesting happens than I will be back on the subject here

I am with the Ukrainans but as long as the Europeans, the NATO or the US or eastern allies don't effectively get it and get them the help they practically need, than I don't know how they are going to win this low-level warfare even if there are some military, SBU and police forces doing excellent work

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