#ukraine a much more important underreported fight - for the borderposts

badly translated by Google translate

"About 30 armed men tried to take control of the frontier in the village of Krasnaya Talovka

Border guards in the Luhansk region was attacked by armed men . About 30 separatists tried to take control of the frontier in Red Talovka . The village is located on the border with Russia .

" Drove people with guns . Told to surrender their weapons and ** Buyten here. We are in the same form said that not going to take the outpost , "- said a source in the Luhansk Hubs border detachment .

According to him , the armed people tried to storm the outpost . Once realized that border guards are ready to resist, left the village . "Judging by the separatists talk among themselves, they went to Alchevs'k " - said the source .

The question why commanders gave the order to shoot to kill , the border guard recognizes that many are simply afraid . " Command fears that the authorities in Kiev will change again , and then they face the same violence as over the" Berkut ", - says the source.

Today in the direction of the frontier in Red Talovka operates two checkpoints separatists. According to the correspondent Hubs, who visited both checkpoints blocked the highway tires. Car passed men armed with machine guns . At a checkpoint at the disposal of the separatists APCs.

Directly at the entrance to Lugansk from the Rostov region checkpoint also organized Ukrainian troops . Erected fortifications . Road partially blocked with concrete blocks . Service at the checkpoint are traffic policemen and soldiers of internal troops.



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