#ukraine markets nervous about possible invasion this weekend

the fact that russia has convened a session of the UN security council makes it all even more possible

and as it is clear that - even as the operations seemed to have stalled for the moment - what they always do just before one of those meetings not to create any reason for Russian propaganda at a time when the whole world is watching - the sepearatists militia in Ukr have not enormous popular support (apart from the nostalgic old ladies that is :)) and are for the moment more breaking up amongst themselves than fighting the enemy

Putin has to decide - on a hunch as he said himself - to invade or not

but before he wants to invade he has to formulate his case - as the US also did  - before the world

and there is that session for

the markets are not at all satisfied with the reports that Russia is not thinking about an invasion and say there is too much chatter, too many signals to the contrary

we are living in very dangerous times - didn't I already say that

there is too much chatter about a possible (partial) invasion - penetration of some or all Russian troops

afterwards our world will never be the same again for some years to come

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