if you have a website in Russia you have to spy on your users for the spies

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"So , the bill № 428884-6 " On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on streamlining the exchange of information with the use of information and telecommunication networks " introduced yesterday Gosdury Safety Committee . The bill contains the following mandatory standards :

Physical person or legal entity shall notify the competent authority ( Roscomnadzor ) The commencement of activities to organize distribution and (or ) the exchange of data between users on the network " Internet " .
This person is obliged " to store information about the reception , transmission, delivery and processing of voice information , writing, images and sounds or intelligence of any kind acts committed by users in disseminating information and (or) data exchange " within 6 months after the end of these actions.
This person is required to provide this information to the authorities carrying out the OSA (ie , the FSB, the Interior Ministry, Federal Security Service , Foreign Intelligence Service , Federal Drug Control Service , Customs, the Federal Penitentiary Service , Foreign Intelligence Defense Ministry ) or safety (ie , PBS) .
Obzany telecom operators to identify users ' data services and providing access to information and telecommunications network " Internet " .
Activities are considered implemented in the territory of Russia, if two ( user or service provider ) at least one is on the territory of Russia. In other words, Western Internet companies are required to comply with these requirements, if they have at least one Russian in the list of customers.
Failure to give notice or failure to store and deliver information stored subject to a fine for individuals ( up to five thousand rubles) and legal entities ( two hundred thousand ) .

The bill will affect at least 6 million domains / websites registered domains . Ru,. Su and . Rf on January 14, 2013 . Even if we assume that each user a single domain, it turns out a few million people will fall under the new law . That's the minimum . Maximum I imagine I'm afraid . In Russia in the autumn of 2013 ( estimates vary) was between 50 and 70 million Internet users . And they spread (the same pictures in the net ), or exchange (via Jabber, Skype, e-mail address ) information. In other words , " under the hood " secret services themselves should raise from 45 to 57 percent of the population .


how nice from Putin, that very good man who is doing nothing wrong and is only being pushed in all of this because of the west and our powers and we don't understand him and should better help him because he is such a good guy we should try to understand and let him do whatever he wants to do and that is so far from our bed and doesn't concern us (yet)

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