#ukraine after the cancellations of US businesses to Putins Propaganda Economic Summit, what about the Europeans

"The St. Petersburg forum, styled as Russia’s answer to the annual economic meeting in Davos, Switzerland, has thus become the latest battleground in the geopolitical contest of wills between Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin over the fate of Ukraine.

Although sanctions imposed by Mr. Obama do not legally preclude American companies from sending representatives to the gathering, administration officials have told the top executives that personally participating would make them propaganda tools for Mr. Putin, who could use their presence to refute the notion that he has been isolated internationally.

The pullout could be embarrassing for Mr. Putin, who attends the forum. As of Monday, the forum’s website was still trumpeting the participation of some American executives who now plan to skip the session. A picture of Lloyd Blankfein, the chairman and chief executive of Goldman Sachs, for instance, was shown on the site even as a company executive privately said “there’s almost zero chance” he will go unless the Ukraine situation suddenly reverses course.

should you go to give a hand to Putin and listen to his grand idea in a country that is sending heavy weapons and volunteers into a neighboring country only because it wants a normal judicial and democratic state and have close relations with Europe ?

should you go to give a hand to Putin and listen to his grandstanding while he is and his croonies are sending all kinds of diplomatic, military and covered threats to an ever increasing number of countries which have borders with Russia

should you go to give a hand to Putin and give him the illussion that business is as usual at the same moment that he is developing a newrussian vision which wants to reconquer the lost territories in the east and makes any acceptable form of democracy and opposition very dangerous not to say impossible in his own country while using any channel he has to impose a propaganda news environment that has nothing to do with any sense of open and democratic debate you are used to in your own country

you shouldn't - this is neither the time, nor the place and surely not the kind of leader you should spend money on (for the moment)


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