#ukraine nearly another airline disaster because of russian spyplanes

Russia is sending its spyplanes and bombers all over the world  nowadays (yesterday it was near California)

at the same time they have annuled all exchange of information between the superpowers regarding those operations

so this happens

"According to Danish media an SAS plane performing CPH-FCO was close to colliding with a Russian IL20M shortly after take off from CPH. Apparently the Russian was not visible on airport and SAS aircraft radars.

Link: http://ekstrabladet.dk/112/article2278920.ece - in Danish only

Translated by google:

An SAS plane took off from Copenhagen airport on 3 March, was on his way to Rome . But suddenly had to change course to avoid flying directly into a Russian patrol .Immediately after the aircraft had taken off , the pilots report that an unidentified aircraft flew in the middle of their route.

The plane could not be seen on the airport surveillance system, and the pilots discovered nor the mysterious aircraft in their system. 90 meters from the collision
A radar station intercepted the Russian aircraft and quickly reported it to the SAS plane that could reach to change course.The two aircraft passed each other 50 km south of Malmö with just 90 yards. The minimum limit is 300 meters.

- It was very close. I can imagine that it must have been an unpleasant experience in the cockpit , says Jens Olsson from the Swedish accident commission.

maybe now CNN will be more than interested in the daily increasing military tensions, exercises and provocations at the eastern borders of Europe (today Putin personally launched a test missle that could reach Washington DC)

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