#ukraine Russia invests much money to stirr trouble in Estonia

I have just been reading the commendable annual report of the Estonian Security Police (available at is.gd/kapo2013). Its laconic prose gives an alarming insight into life on Europe's front line. It highlights the way in which different Kremlin-backed organisations try to stir up trouble among Estonians of Russian ethnic background – including arranging paramilitary summer camps, one of which was sponsored by the GRU (Russian military intelligence) and taught everything from propaganda skills to battlefield medicine. Similar efforts are under way in Latvia too.

these things don't come 'all of a sudden' or 'out of nowhere'

Russia has invested in these organisations and paid for their paramilitary training for years now

After years of seeding it is soon time to start collecting the fruits, being a part of Estonia

It is clear since a few weeks that Estonia is next.

NATO or Not because how should NATO react if everything is a proxy war ?


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