ALERT : STILL ON XP ? CHANGE Internet Explorer for Firefox NOW (not later)

as we have seen in the new announcements for the securitypatches from Microsoft for May there are

NO SECURITYPATCHES FOR XP (they say they meant it when they would leave several million pc's without securitypatches - maybe some-one should sue them for that)

there are several things you can do yourselfs offcourse

First and all ditch Internet Explorer and use Firefox (we don't like Chrome for several reasons and the Apple Safari is securitywise a total disaster)

With Firefox you activate the automatic updates and you can install a whole series of functions to block adware, scripts, protect your privacy and so on (everyone has its favourites)

and if you have a proxy on your network or a firewall on your pc than you don't let your Internet Explorer on XP on the internet ever again (in the free firewall is that with the application control)

to keep your xp safer 5 rules

1. install always the latest versions of adobe, flash and all other software updates still available (use the free tool for that)

2. do not let internet explorer or office 2003 on the internet, ever

3 install a firewall (zone alarm), a free antivirus (for example avg or avast) and spybot search and destroy security tool (

4. do not surf on pornsites, don't use IRC or P2P with your XP as you will be too vulnerable in those dangerous environments

5. do not click without thinking (keep for example your email online instead of downloading it) and be very careful with downloads (for example download in a folder on which you have set a password or zip the files afterwards with a password so they can start doing things on their own)

in any case if you think about what you would like for christmas, think about a new pc or laptop (fuck the tablets, they are as expensive as a good laptop and your tablet is so minimal that you will get bored after a while)

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