Russian virus attack on the network of the Belgian Ministry of External Affairs is an atombomb

The big problem is that on the same network there are several other very secret services or very important information that is very classified.

For the moment it is the Ministery of External Affairs that distribute the Security clearances that were controlled by our Internal Intelligence service (why they don't keep that data on their network - would be safer)

in fact - as the virus is a P2P worm that distributes itself on the network it is necessary to in fact to suppose that all secret information could be compromised unless you can proof 100% otherwise

so unless one could proof 100% otherwise all people with security clearances will need new ones or will need to be replaced

this - and other kinds of information shouldn't be on a network that has been hacked twice

this is the atombomb

imagine that all Belgians lose their securityclearance - if it is with an international firm or organisation because the organisation considers the information or person compromised now independently what the Belgian administration says (based on which forensic evidence - if there is any forensic evidence that can be accepted without any doubt)

the one thing that is clear is that that information can no longer be on that network - for the security of everyone who needs a security clearance

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