all lavabits emailusers are compromised by the NSA not just Snowden

The founder of an encrypted e-mail service reportedly used by former government contractor and National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden says federal agents installed surveillance equipment on his company’s servers shortly after the Snowden leaks began.


In his first public statement, Lavabit founder Ladar Levison says two government agents showed up at his house within days of the Snowden leaks with a court order “requiring the installation of surveillance equipment on my company’s network.”


The equipment, Levison wrote, granted the government unfettered access to the activity of Lavabit’s 410,000 users, including “access to all of the messages — to and from all of my customers — as they travelled between their email accounts other providers on the Internet.”


“I had no choice but to consent to the installation of their device,” Levison wrote

so if you have used the Lavabit emailservice two days after the Snowden leaks all those transactions were recorded and the encryption is no protection because lavabit was required by court to hand over the encryption keys - which means that any new encrypted service makes only sense if it has no access to the individual encryption keys

this means that any communication from may 2013 on is compromised and that means also that probably any information or interaction on that server before may 2013 have been compromised if the US authorities have a copy of the servers and logs because the owner says that he has shut down the service, not destroyed it

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