where is the military information Snowden stole from the NSA ?

In early June 2013, Snowden gave about 200,000 documents to journalists in Hong Kong before identifying himself and going underground. Advised by WikiLeaks, the former CIA technician boarded a flight to Moscow on June 23.


Both Snowden and Greenwald have said that Snowden held more documents than he gave to journalists. It is unclear when he gave up access to that information. Top U.S. officials believe that most of those documents include U.S. military information that has little to do with civil liberties or privacy.

this is the real question

we read documents and articles that are about our the threats to our privacy by global surveillance or the way intelligence is gathered about acceptable targets

but aside those documents the NSA and the specialists have identified a lot of documents and information that are much more sensitive and are about military and intelligence operation

the heads of the NSA have indicated in interviews that meanwhile they are considering those operations and techniques as being compromised and that all those things have to change - we are not talking about the general global surveillance (which is not only nearly useless but also very dangerous)

no, we are talking about military and intelligence operations and techniques

the things that even if they are between the documents the different newspapers and journalists have will never be published

but that doesn't mean that the information is not compromised and that there are no threats anymore against those agents and operations and that one should continue those operations or keep the operatives in the field - except as a 'honeytrap' or to send false information (the enemy thinks that he is receiving real information but as the NSA knows that the source or operation is compromised, the lost opportunity is used as an asset just by changing the goals)

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