#ukraine terrorist training camp on Ukraine Russian border destroyed

As reported by the military intelligence service and intelligence service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, this was the main training camp, where from 300 to 500 militiamen had been continuously trained for the last two weeks. It was not just a basic military training. This camp worked for combat coordination of military units and small groups of terrorists. The camp’s militiamen have already undergone individual training and had an experience of military service,” the journalist informed.


According to Butusov, the camp’s sole existence was the most insolent provocation. It was located outside the settlement, 500-700 meters from the Russian border. In addition, the borderline on this territory is not demarcated and is visually hard to notice.


“At the Russian part of the border, a concentration of troops had been observed, as well as a supply of militiamen. Based on intelligence data, the camp could have been covered by anti-aircraft guided missile systems, as well as Russian anti-aircraft defense. Sending Mi-24 army helicopters there had been risky. The various options for the camp’s liquidation had been discussed, however the order to do so must have been given by Turchynov as the main risk was that in case of accidental destruction of Russian territory by bombs and missiles, Putin could have used that as an excuse for the military intervention,” Butusov emphasized.

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