#ukraine #ukraine NATO is not capable anymore of sufficiently monitoring the North Sea (Channel)

we have been reducing our defense budgets in such a way that in fact we see now that we even don't have any military or intelligence capacity anymore worthy of that name and that when we are challenged we fail pathethically

this has some consequences for Belgium which is host to SHAPE and NATO and seabruges which is a main gaz terminal and Rotterdam and London and Brussels hosting the EU

it is an aircraft carrier

so next time this happens you will not only have to test your monitoring capabilities but also your airdefenses and the time necessary to get your airplanes in the air in different countries which can be targets - as a test

at the other side, just before the second world war the USA had even not an army that could defend California and after Dunkirk the British had only a homeguard and wouldn't be even capable of stopping a German invasion if it ever took place (but as they believed in air supremacy the wanted to win the battle of Britain first which they nearly did - not)

the only problem is that Putin is NOT yet accepting his defeat and even if Merkel is now sliding into accepting the status quo there is no guarantee that Putin has accepted the status quo....

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