#ukraine why the Russian media said on Ukr election night that the Right Sector won the election.

"Just before the elections wrapped up on May 25, Russia’s state-owned Channel One reported that the neo-fascist Right Sector candidate Dimitri Yarosh had won the election with a plurality of 37 percent of the vote. Their source? Ukraine’s Central Election Commissions Web site.

The reality was much different. Poroshenko claimed victory with almost 60 percent of the vote. Yarosh carried less than one percent—an absolutely disastrous showing for the far right. That’s a pretty big mistake. How could a major news organization like Channel One make such huge error?

Early in the week the Security Service of the Ukraine—or SBU—announced it had arrested several hackers attempting to disrupt the election process.

According to the SBU, the group planned to introduce malware into the election commission’s Web site and servers that would discredit the Ukrainian election by reporting results skewed heavily in the favor of the far-right Yarosh.

The hackers—irresponsibly—bragged about their exploits on the Internet. The SBU paid attention, rounded up members of the group and set to work fixing the election commission’s computer systems. Forty minutes before Channel One aired their story about Yarosh’s victory, the SBU fixed the bug.

So it was meant to happen and even if it was found out the Russian would have won

* the election was broken

* the right sector could be up in arms because they thought that they would have won and that Kiev had stolen their election back

* all this should have been done all over again giving more times to the militia

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