#rexmundi hack of experthis : more explanations

1. that rexmundi is now demanding enormous 'robin hood taxes' (which it aren't as they aren't given to charities - which in any case as with Anonymous actions like that will have to refund the money as it was illegally obtained). He was now asking for 15000 bitcoins and one bitcoin is 6002 dollars so you know now that this is serious money

the stupidity of this tendency is that their is now more advantage in not paying than in paying The first sums were 300 to 500 euro's or dollars but at the time we laughed about that sum

getting creedy is the beginning of the end

2 that rexmundi is not really checking the data and making claims that are becoming even further away from the truth If he would have looked at the datasets he would have seen that the data was already 10 years old and that with a small double check he would have seen that some of the data wasn't even active anymore on the web or were not the health professionals he claims they are

3. this operation shows a third characteristic of RexMundi operations and that is that he isn't capable of taking his time and penetrate slowly into networks from vulnerable servers to backup servers to administrative accounts to networks and so on (get the picture ?)

real instant hard sex instead of a long foreplay that ends with some intensive moments

although one should keep the following in mind

* we don't know what all the information is that rexmundi downloaded from the servers, it may be that other information was downloaded and that when that information becomes public there are other new questions

* the networks of experthis will be scanned and attacked by other hackers over the coming days and I hope they have their securitypeople on the scene and every monitoring tool activated and manned and all the securityupdates installed and so on because it can be a very hectic and dangerous week for them - and those hackers may be more professional than rexmundi seems to be 

this will be even more difficult for experthis to do because they are - as they say themselves - a combination of three firms with their own networks and servers (which is the reason why they had forgotten about those two old servers and the marketing lists on them)

try to defend this, dude with the little resources and manpower you have at your disposal

but experthis and the people responsable for e-health should not cry victory now and think that everything can go on as ever before as if nothing serious happened

for the same price they had lost administrative accounts, client accounts and the source code of their software

it is high time that one stops to concentrate only on the first ring of defense around our ehealth data may be fine but the biggest problem is that all those e-health serviceprovicers (doctors, pharmacies, health organisations,..)

you start with attacking low hanging fruit to break into the defended castle

and that rotten fruit were two servers they were forgotten about  .......


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