#rexmundi just said they screwed up this one

Earlier this week, we announced that we had broken into the servers of Xperthis, a Belgian IT company.

However, as Xperthis itself announced a couple of days later, it turns out that, indeed, the data we acquired was somewhat older than we had anticipated. Therefore, we will not release that data.

Might we suggest to Xperthis, however, to better secure their servers? It does not bode well for the healthcare professionals who happen to be your customers that you seem to be unable to secure your own data.

Rex Mundi

that is when you go too fast

and it shows again that if you don't protect and upgrade your servers and databases that scanners like rex mundi will you will get hacked because those scanners know to find you and they know how to get that data and they will ask you for money and they won't fuck up every time

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