why you should download everything you like from Youtube before you have to pay for it

this is something that has been happening with other services that have started first with a limited paywall and than in fact limited their free service to only content that was so stupid that it wasn't even Worth using it

so Youtube will start soon with a paid music service and will take everything down that is also on the paid service or doesn't want to be on it meaning that in fact all new and good musicvideos placed by the firms itself can't be on the official free channels of the artists or the labels and everything similar uploaded by their fans will be tracked, silenced and taken down with all the Tools they have and they are developing

"Google-owned YouTube is threatening to pull down music videos by artists on independent (i.e., non–Big Three) record labels that have refused to sign on to its upcoming subscription streaming service. Major acts such as Adele, Radiohead, Jack White, and Vampire Weekend could all disappear from the site “in a matter of days,” according to YouTube exec Robert Kyncl.

The indies say they are holding out because YouTube has offered them far worse licensing deals than it's offered the major labels (though they’re light on details). This, they claim, is a departure from the standards set by companies like Spotify and Rdio, which treat them on the same terms as Universal, Sony, and Warner. According to Billboard, meanwhile, YouTube executives "argue that they cannot offer music on the free service without it also being available on the paid service as this would disappoint its subscribers. The solution? To take down songs that can’t be available on both services." (If this sounds to you like a tenuous excuse for simply driving a hard bargain, join the club.)

but expect this also to be the case for movies, series, documentaries, cartoons and all the rest that is interesting

there is quite some freeware (never pay for this stuff) to download the videos from Youtube  I like this one

and if you don't upload it to a torrent or a fileserver afterwards, you are not doing anything different from watching it ........

those who know where to look know where to find the interesting links to the interesting stuff on Youtube (surprise me :))

download in the flv format with a flv player and an external harddrive isn't that expensive anymore

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