Amnesty International launches a panic button for activists that will get them all in prison

"now they're being designed for a different but similarly vulnerable group: the political or human rights activist. On June 23 Amnesty International released their secret alert system for activists, an Android app called Panic Button. Panic Button (Beta), which techPresident covered at an earlier stage last year, is now available for download in the Google Play Store.


The way it works is simple: in an emergency, pressing the power button in rapid succession will activate the alert, sending a text message and regular location tracking information to trusted contacts. The hard work takes place offline: choosing three trusted contacts; figuring out a plan of action in the event that they receive an alert.


The app shields user data with a disguise screen and pin number, although the protection is limited.


They also warn that the identities of users and their contacts are vulnerable: “A competent adversary might be able to find out about your location, that you are alerting your contacts or the identity of your contacts.”

I don't think that the people in Amnesty International who made this app have any idea how strong the Tools are to incercept anything that is installed or transferred from and to mobiles.

Installing and using this app seriously undermines the security of yourself and all of your contacts and will in fact make it much easier for the security services during their repression to select only those contacts that matter (because you can't attack all those contacts that are in one's mobile but knowing immediately which ones are part of a network is much more important)

if you are Wise you send an sms or message to someone specific who knows that if he receives this that you are in trouble. This is a century old trick that probably is still proving its usefulness. Naturally the message should be normal and should be hidden in a flood of other messages or a conversation that is as normal.

it can even be a picture that you send

but definitely not this app that Amnesty International should retire immediately except if they have too few dissidents that are being tortured and murdered for the moment and they need some new victims for their fundraising (cynical)

if I was an intelligence service I would promote this heavily by my infiltrators in networks of dissidents - definitely

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