are you ready for the 300GBPS DDOS attack on your server ?

yeah, that is volume that is now possible for a real persistant ddos attack

"On Friday, Matthew Prince, the CEO and co-founder of San Francisco based CloudFlare, the web performance company maintaining the voting website, said that the DDoS attack on the Occupy Central’s voting platform was “one of the largest and most persistent” ever.

According to Prince, the cybercriminals appeared to be using a network of compromised computers around the world to effectively disable the service of the voting website with an overwhelming amount of traffic. In such cases of attacks, the computer users who are exploited are usually unaware that their systems have been compromised.
Prince also wrote on Twitter: “Battling 300Gbps+ attack right now,” on the first day that the vote began. Three hundred gigabits per second is an enormous amount of data to take down any huge servers.
so if you are important critical infrastructure or if you are part of something that is opposing a really powerful opponent than this is the DDOS traffic you have to be able to handle
or a Policy to go offline or to change your website every so often to another place, playing hide and seek

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