weathersensors on US airplanes make it easier to have correct weather predictions for airports

"The prediction of storms and atmospheric conditions like turbulence is undergoing a revolution that has the potential to trim airline delays, cut costs and reduce in-flight injuries. Even incremental improvements in delays are important when late flights cost airlines as much as $8 billion a year.

By feeding better data into U.S. National Weather Service computer models, the devices are also helping the government make more accurate predictions, said Richard Mamrosh, a senior forecaster at the Weather Service’s office in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) has equipped 25 of its planes with the Houston-based SpectraSensors Inc. devices and, together with Southwest, provides more than 50,000 reports a day across North America. American Airlines Group Inc. (AAL) has started getting real-time turbulence reports, and Panasonic Corp. (6752) has helped outfit 225 U.S. planes with humidity-measuring equipment.

so even if sensors can be abused to invade our privacy and our lives in every aspect, it can also be used for very interesting applications for the better of us all


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