off course the list of target countries and organisations is long for any spy organisation

you should really start making a difference between surveillance and espionage

every spy organisation has the duty to spy and there is nobody having a real problem with it because that is what to they do - since the beginning of history - and that is why every country has a spy agency to find them out, mislead them and block them - if necessary and possible

surveillance is something totally different because in surveillance you control a whole population or datatraffic whatever the purpose or reason that you are spying. surveillance is something that is done by our own states and according to the democratic and judicial framework of the state (in the hope that it is a democratic country)

so what is all the fuzz about ?

it would be really astonishing if the NSA had no right to spy on targets in all these countries and organisations if that would have been necessary or could have given some interesting information

oh Belgium is in it, but Belgium is one of the toptargets in any spy-organisation (even of our neighbours) because we are host to so many international institutions that any spy organisation worthy of that name has Belgium high on its list. it wouldn't even be possible to explain to any specialists why we shouldn't be.

If our intelligence services have the resources and people to stop all those spies and intelligence operators and networkers wandering around in Brussels is another matter

the hacking of Belgacom and intercepting or taking control of the total communication flow is surveillance and that is a step too far but - if true - only extracting information about some specific telephone numbers that used this network is just logical for a spy organisation

it also means that the trust and cooperation between the different democratic spy organisations is not great that they have to undertake such operations to get information that could have been simply asked for

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