why we need an Europal instead of paypal as universal payment method (protonmail)

Paypal has decided to freeze a 275.000 $ startfund of Protonmail, based in Switzerland, that would deliver an end-to-end encrypted mail service and wouldn't have to give the US government any information like US companies are obliged to under US law (even if these servers are based elsewhere and the people or organisations involved are not American).

source http://thehackernews.com/2014/07/paypal-freezes-275000-campaign-funds-of.html for picture of image


the same was true with Wikileaks which was blocked by Paypal as other creditcompanies without any official request from any government or judicial authority. They did it based upon their conditions of use and so on (which are so vague they could be used against anything if they wanted to)

So in the whole rethinking of the internet by the European strategists and democratic activists it is clear that we need a normal financial service like paypal but based in Europe (Switzerland or Luxembourg for example). No, we don't need bitcoin or any other *coin alternative without any reglementation and supervision and even internal security.

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