Netflix opensources its own tool to manage Amazon Cloud accounts securily

"Netflix has open sourced another member of its “Simian Army,” the monkey-monikered tools its engineers use to manage the enormous number of machines that drive its popular video streaming service. The latest is called Security Monkey, and it’s a tool for monitoring and analyzing the security of its systems.Like others in the family, the tool is designed to deal with machines used through Amazon’s cloud computing service. Netflix operates several dozen accounts on the Amazon cloud, and through each of these, it can spin up virtual servers to run the various parts of its video service. The company is constantly deploying new code, adding new services, deleting old ones, and modifying server configurations. Each of these tasks can create security vulnerabilities, and that’s where Security Monkey comes into play. The tool could potentially help any company that runs its operations atop Amazon and other cloud services—and such companies are only becoming more prevalent.

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