this is why a speculator has bought from the FBI the bitcoin cash of Silk Road

The 13 million dollar worth of bitcoins that the FBI had seized from Silk Road was auctioned off for the first time.

'With just 13 million bitcoins in circulation, it can be hard for new companies to buy large chunks of the digital currency without driving prices up. But the arrangement with Draper will help Vaurum provide its clients with easier access to bitcoins. “It’s still quite difficult to get access to bitcoin in these developing economies, Bhama wrote in blog post announcing the news, “and that’s exactly where it is needed the most. Our goal is to build reliable infrastructure and increase liquidity, which are two major challenges in the ecosystem.”

he will use it for his own service company that sets up bitcoin exchanges for companies

before they would have found it to hard to enter the market because there would be not enough bitcoins available for them to have immediately a critical impact on the market

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