Privacy international and some small iSP's file a legal complaint in the Belgacom case

They also do it about the other Snowden relevations about the interceptions in Germany and so on.

But that they do it citing also the Belgacomcase is a bit strange because Belgacom should have filed a complaint. Belgacom has filed a complaint but against unknown (X). This is strange because there is ample proof of leaked documents that it was a NSA-UK operation from the beginning till the end, which would have enabled them to file a complaint against the GCHQ in the UK so that they or the government would have to answer it and refute or confirm the documents.

The number of ISP's doesn't impress me much because no major ISP has participated in the complaint and this is understandable because all the major ISP's are working with the NSA, GCHQ or another intelligence institution and a legal complaint and trial could make it possible that more information would become public because once you are in the box you 'have to tell the truth and nothing but the truth' except if you want to go to prison just for not telling the truth

this is also the reason why in Belgium we need a coalition of organisations that would make it possible to file complaints when our data has been leaked or it is known (or not yet) that information or networks are too vulnerable to stay in operation and should be 'plugged off'.

the complaint is against the global surveillance and interception methods that are being used, which are Under any situation not only illegal, very expensive, not always productive but also very dangerous

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