the massive securitybreaches at US shops Point of Sale boxes have immediate impact on consumers

People are changing their attitudes afterwards

"U.S. consumers are beginning to see the impact of the recent spate of credit card data breaches at retail stores -- and they are doing something about it.


That's the conclusion of two separate studies of consumer attitudes and behavior published this week. The first study, National Consumer League's Data Insecurity Report, indicates that consumers are increasingly blaming retailers for the compromise of their credit card data and are responding by changing the stores they patronize.


The second study, Security Matters: Americans on EMV Chip Cards, indicates that nearly two thirds of Americans are more likely to pay in cash after hearing about security breaches at large retailers.

well both reasons are enough business and marketingwize to inspire management to make some big investments in security and keep it secure

nobody wants consumers to change shops because they feel insecure at your place and nobody wants people to pay so much in cash because it costs a lot to handle cash and it increases the risk for violent crime at the cashiers.

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