#ukraine what is the legal status of the Russian tanks in Ukraine ?

well this is a russian tank in an Ukranian city occupied by militias that are prorussian but not russian and Russia says that it is not responsable for them or linked to them


this tank has crossed the Ukr_russian border - which isn't fully Under control of the Ukr government and which the Russian government hasn't closed neither to prevent more bloodshed (calming down as it is called)

it has clearly a Russian flag

it is on Ukranian territory against the will of the Ukr government

so ..... there are some questions here

* if a tank like a ship goes Under a flag of a country it is supposed to represent that country (especially if that country doesn't deny that its tanks are on the other side of the border) and so it is responsable for these tanks (and internationally it has done a real military incursion into the country)

* if that tank was not stolen (were they prosecuted), not sold (by who to who) or given than how did these people get a Russian tank

it is said that they are given to the rebels but that doesn't make youi as a country less responsable for inciting war and civil war and so on

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