Belgian privacycommission transmits case about firm hackingteam to the Cyberpolice for investigation


The Belgian privacycommission has responded to my question about some information about the location of an interception server for mobile traffic that Hackingteam has placed in Belgium.  (see the posting under the letter)

If the information is correct than the Justice Department will become involved because it is clearly illegal

het gaat om deze feiten die aan de privacycommissie werden gemeld door belsec

and this was our posting

hackingteam mobilephone commercial spyfirm has an intercept server in Belgium



this is from the list of interceptor and command and control servers

in fact it means that this private spyfirm - who works for legitimate European countries Under legitimate governmental and democratic control for mobilephone spying Under normal democratic rules as well as for a number of countries worldwide without those controls and guarantees (or even any real form of democracy) has such a server on Belgian soil and intercepts information from Belgian and other mobile phones on Belgian soil for its clients (including the more or less dictatorial or not really democratic countries)

the question now is if this is legal and if such a commercial spyservice can have such an infrastructure on our Belgian soil without any permit from our privacycommission or intelligence service

more information on this commercial hackingtool sold to all kinds of governments worldwide

but there are many more such interception servers around the world and I am not sure that they are legal everywhere - even if there is sometimes a silent agreement with the local securityservices in exchange for services and information

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