• Belgian privacycommission transmits case about firm hackingteam to the Cyberpolice for investigation


    The Belgian privacycommission has responded to my question about some information about the location of an interception server for mobile traffic that Hackingteam has placed in Belgium.  (see the posting under the letter)

    If the information is correct than the Justice Department will become involved because it is clearly illegal

    het gaat om deze feiten die aan de privacycommissie werden gemeld door belsec

    and this was our posting

    hackingteam mobilephone commercial spyfirm has an intercept server in Belgium


    source http://www.securelist.com/en/blog/8231/HackingTeam_2_0_Th...

    this is from the list of interceptor and command and control servers

    in fact it means that this private spyfirm - who works for legitimate European countries Under legitimate governmental and democratic control for mobilephone spying Under normal democratic rules as well as for a number of countries worldwide without those controls and guarantees (or even any real form of democracy) has such a server on Belgian soil and intercepts information from Belgian and other mobile phones on Belgian soil for its clients (including the more or less dictatorial or not really democratic countries)

    the question now is if this is legal and if such a commercial spyservice can have such an infrastructure on our Belgian soil without any permit from our privacycommission or intelligence service

    more information on this commercial hackingtool sold to all kinds of governments worldwide


    but there are many more such interception servers around the world and I am not sure that they are legal everywhere - even if there is sometimes a silent agreement with the local securityservices in exchange for services and information

  • Chinese hackers stole in 2011-2012 the plans for the Israeli anti-rocket system

    "China-based hackers stole plans for Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system in 2011 and 2012, according to an investigation by a Maryland-based cyber security firm first reported by independent journalist Brian Krebs.

    The hackers also stole plans related to other missile interceptors, including the Arrow 3, which was designed by Boeing and other U.S.-based companies.

    "According to Columbia, Md.-based threat intelligence firm Cyber Engineering Services Inc. (CyberESI), between Oct. 10, 2011 and August 13, 2012, attackers thought to be operating out of China hacked into the corporate networks of three top Israeli defense technology companies, including Elisra Group, Israel Aerospace Industries, and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

    First one should note that the Iron Dome has changed much since that data and that it is only effective because it has been totally adapted to the specific characteristics of the rockets that are used against it

    seondly it is clear that this is economic espionage because China is nowhere to be seen in the market of the anti-missile market and so it is normal that these hacks on command happened

    thirdly it is just another proof - if you ever needed one - that the security of even the highest classified data and networks is not as stringent as it should be even in a country where there are a lot more official rules and punishments in the field of cybersecurity because they are permanently under attack and the existence of their state itself depends on it

  • Microsoft made a Selfiephone for wannabees

    source http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/microsoft-launch-windows-phone-8-1-selfie-smartphone-plus-another-high-end-device-1458993

  • UK will start testing driverless cars in three cities from januari 2015 (look ma, no hands ...)

    source http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/uk-cities-compete-become-test-ground-driverless-cars-2015-1458947

  • even online banking with verification codes by sms/text can be bypassed

    "Operation Emmental is designed to bypass the generic two-factor authentication mechanism that banks employ to ensure that their customers' money remains safe.


    The attacks bypass session tokens sent by a bank's remote server to users' mobile devices via text messaging. Customers preferring to bank online are required to mandatorily enter these session tokens, to start new sessions and verify/authenticate the login credentials. The session tokens are generally sent through separate channels and are considered to be secure. However this piece of malware allows attackers to impersonate the bank, leading to confidential user login credentials being exploited.

    the first stage is just very human

    * people are asked to click on infected links on phishing emails that look as if they come from well-known brands

    the second stage is somewhat more complicated (for the attackers)

    * people are than connected to servers that look as if they are from the bank but are in fact from the malware agents who use DNS manipulation on the computers from the clients for that

     after these changed settings the malware disappears from the computer

    to bypass any SSL verification they inserted in the computers of the clients fake SSL certificates (especially easy if they like some belgian banks make them themselves to spare a dime) so that there are no security alerts when the computer gets connected to the bad server

    * the third stage is pocket money time

    when users are trying to make some purchases on the internet they are redirected to the fake bank site and if they don't they receive fake emails from brands to make instant sales

    when the users click on the links they are asked to download a malicious android app that not only blocks the normal txt messages from the bank but also will intercept and keep all the login and bankdetails


    well I never believed that mobile banking with a cellphone or tablet could be save and I don't understand why finally the marketing boys won it from the security guys in the banks who are now heavily promoting this unsecure method of online banking

  • interpol is a huge network but some parts are just lowhanging fruit for thieves and hackers

    "Some thieves have broken into the Interpol offices in Pretoria. You may ask what this has to do with cyber liability business? It's not really "hacking" is it?

    Among the items stolen are five laptops, cameras and data storage devices. It is believed none of the computers had active security codes, allowing the thieves easy access to the data. This really means that the names of informants and other sensitive information is effectively in the "wrong hands" now.

    your security or transaction is as save as the worst secured part of your network or installation

  • 50 facebook accounts hacked - also belgians

    source http://pastebin.com/HvdEukgy

  • hacked and leak (also belgians) nicepps.ro

    source nicepps.ro

  • #ukraine this is how the missiles look like that brought down the airplane

    impressive such a close-up

    not something handheld or easy to transport or control

  • Russia wants now also Apple to give its source code, Microsoft does since 2003

    "The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media suggested on Tuesday that Apple should reveal its source codes to Russian experts.


    Ministry officials voiced concerns about information leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden during a meeting on Tuesday with Apple's regional director Peter Engrob, and Vyacheslav Orekhovy, regional head of European software corporation SAP.


    "Edward Snowden's revelations in 2013 and the public statements of U.S. intelligence services about increased Russia surveillance in 2014 have called into question the reliability of foreign software and hardware," Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov said in a statement.


    "It is obvious that those companies that disclose the source codes of their programs are not hiding anything, but those who do not intend to cooperate with Russia in this regard may have products with undeclared capabilities," he added, noting Microsoft has been offering up its source codes since 2003.

    while we were worrying about the NSA having access to all the code of the US companies and things like that - because if you have all the code, than it is easier to find bugs and exploit them and test attacks that you may want to develop without informing anyone because you have the perfect total test environment

    Russia (and who else) has the full Microsoft code

    it now wants the one from Apple

    Maybe it can say that it will let its civil servants use Ipads again because for the moment only Samsung is allowed because they are safer (or did they give the source code)

    it is also interestint to link this with the article about the undocumented backdoors in Apple code that have been discovered recently

  • never text and drive (cartoon)

  • #gaza this is what hell looks like

    no words

  • #ukraine the impact of the new sanctions on Europe (and Germany) in one picture

    source http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/bild-983224-730193.html

  • #gaza why jihadists are against Hamas and don't support the Palestinian State

    "Some jihadists or pro-jihadist Salafists have issued video clips and tweets explaining their lack of assistance to the Palestinians. One tweet stated, “The Hamas government is apostate, and what it is doing does not constitute jihad, but rather a defense of democracy [which Salafists oppose].” Another tweet said, “Khaled Meshaal: Hamas fights for the sake of freedom and independence. The Islamic State: it fights so that all religion can be for God.” Meshaal is head of Hamas' political bureau.


    On July 22, the Egyptian Salafist sheikh Talaat Zahran declared that it is inappropriate to aid the people of Gaza because they do not follow a legitimate leadership, and because they are equivalent to Shiites since they follow them, referring to Hezbollah and Iran, with which the Sunni Hamas movement has been allied. Thus the jihadists' position is not simply a political stance, but stems from Salafist theological principles.


    Salafists believe that jihad must be performed under legitimate leadership. This argument is advanced through the “banner and commander” concept, which holds that whoever undertakes jihad must follow a commander who fulfills the criteria of religious and political leadership and has raised the banner of jihad. Given that there is neither a legitimate leader nor a Salafist-approved declaration of jihad in Palestine, fighting there is forbidden.

    So Hamas is the least of evil but for the moment more evil than Hezbollah with which there is an armed truce more or less

    Hamas didn't understand and doesn't untill now that this is the only basis on which military power works, you just stop attacking each other because each has more to lose than to gain and after this the diplomats can start working (over the years)

    Hamas doesn't understand that it has no business covering for the jihadist fighter groups in Gaza who are firing some of the rockets because of the solidarity of the fight against their common enemy. The only enemy for Jihadists are all those who are not jihadists or Salafists, even if they fight and die together in the beginning

  • Belgium is only the 25th most innovative country in the world (just before Malta)

    source http://www.wipo.int/pressroom/en/articles/2014/article_0010.html#top

    something to be very proud off - especially as we have now begun to cut deeply into our higher education and making it as double as expensive as before (even if this is very cheap in comparaison to other countries)

  • #ukraine with or without the help of Interpol Russia will abduct Ukrainans they suspect of anti-russian propaganda

    "The head of Russia’s Investigative Committee [IC] has promised that Russia will come and get all of those the IC suspects of crimes committed against Russians in Ukraine.  Alexander Bastrykin not only warns that Russia will be willing to abduct people from Ukraine, but suggests that it will be following other countries’ example in doing so. And exercising “the right history gives us to carry out an investigation.”

    In short, Interpol be warned:   we’ll get our suspects with or without you.  This brash message coincides with news that Dmitriy [Dmytro] Yarosh, head of the Ukrainian nationalist party Right Sector, has been placed on Interpol’s wanted list.  Russia is seeking to prosecute him for “1) Public incitement to terrorist activities involving the use of mass media; 2) Public incitement to extremist activities involving the use of mass media”. 

    The criminal investigation dates back to March 3 when the IC stated that Yarosh is suspected of “publicly calling anti-Russian forces to extremist action and terror on Russian territory”.   This came after the Russian pro-Kremlin TV channel LifeNews claimed on March 1 that Yarosh had made an appeal for help to the Chechen militant leader Doku Umarov  This claim was rejected the following day by the Right Sector press secretary Artem Skoropadsky who explained that a social network VKontakte account had been hacked, and that the fake had appeared during this period. 

    The denial, coming so soon after the allegations, seems credible if only because it renders the appeal senseless.  Even were the claim to be substantiated, the charges would probably be deemed grounds enough to prompt any country to agree to extradite Yarosh to Russia.

    this is totally unbelievable

    that Interpol is used to prosecute some-one for crimes which are clearly political and not criminal

    this should be doublechecked

    and than based upon mediareports from livenews that is just flabbergasting outright even staged lies and not upon an independent investigation - if this is possible nowadays in Russia

  • #ukraine social media and covert operations don't go well together

    source https://twitter.com/IlliaMassive/status/493851888039649281

    this is the Facebooklike VK page of a Russian soldier showing with his dumb smartphone the Russian trucks at the Ukr border ready to go

    since the viral reporting of those pictures and comments coming directly from the border by their own soldiers VK has been putting in action a cleaning operations (but it can't get all the screenshots away)

    many accounts like this one were brought down

  • #ukraine Ukraine army splitted two rebel zones and nearly liberated crash site

    source http://liveuamap.com/?ll=48.173604612883274;38.668325195312484&zoom=8

    there is now heavy fighting around the remaining villages to liberate to be able to 'hold' the crash site so that it can't be used as a bargaining chip

    the map also shows that the whole border isn't secured or under control

    the yellow zone is the crash site

  • #ukraine this is how the Russian propaganda-environment works (like coca cola)

    Remember there are nearly no opposition parties, in parliament only one elected official voted against the annexation of the Crimea and all the main media are under the control of government linked businessmen

    secondly the internet is censored and people who are writing things that are oppositional risk or are condemned while holding manifestations in the street or protesting in the street can also get you into jail for several years (and the terms are so vague that nearly anything can be considered 'extremist')

    thirdly every organisation that receives money or support from outside Russia has to be registered as a 'foreign agent' which makes it very easy to portray them also as foreign 'to Russia'

    at the positive side the inclusion of the church, the folk culture and the business world into the government sphere of influence has made it difficult for people in these circles to become oppositional or to try to distance their institutions and media a bit away from the regime

    the result is this

    "At the same time, only 1 percent of Russians following news about Ukraine told Gallup that they do not use state media to get information on what is happening there. The Gallup poll was released Friday and was conducted among 2,000 people with a margin of error of 2.7 percent.


    Despite the Internet's divergence of news sources and opinions, the Russian government has succeeded in making its own position on the Ukraine crisis central in the public discourse, according to Alexander Morozov, head of the Moscow Media Research Center.


    "The Kremlin has built its propaganda around the idea that supporting its policy is the right thing to do, morally, and nobody wants to be immoral. Every human being wants to be on the side of good, not evil: The trick is convincing them what the good side is," Morozov told The Moscow Times in a phone interview.


    In the mainstream Russian media's portrayal of the Ukraine conflict, the pro-Russian insurgents are portrayed as heroes fighting the forces of evil personified by the Ukrainian government. As a consequence, it is difficult to know what people really think themselves, as "they live in an imaginary world, where events in Ukraine are like a movie where you are led to take one side over the other," Morozov said.


    Vasily Gatov, an independent media researcher, said that the mass media outlets offer a template that defines people's "comfort zones" in respect to attitudes to developments in Ukraine.


    "As a consequence, for most people, there is no need to turn on critical thinking, or, as psychologists say, assert their own consciousness," Gatov told The Moscow Times.


    For many Russians the picture presented by the state media offers psychological comfort. By supporting that position, people do not feel like they ought to act, and it calms them down, according to Fyodor Krasheninnikov, president of the Institute of Development and Modernization of Social Connections.


    "The government stimulates conformism in society, while federal media outlets act as fast food delivered to people's homes. You do not have to do much to access it," Krashenninikov said in a phone interview.

    and why is this like coca cola

    well coca cola has one distribution paradigma and that is that it has to be available within 5 minutes

    so this kind of propaganda environment is the same thing, every time you may have an independent question or thought about something there is somewhere within 5 minutes some kind of media to provide you with the 'right' answers and filtered information that will continue to confort you