US navy cybercommand learns the hard way that reservists are more experienced than their trained cyberfighters

"When the military’s top cyberwarriors gathered last year inside a secretive compound at Fort Meade, Maryland, for a classified war game exercise, a team of active-duty troops faced off against several teams of reservists.

And the active-duty team apparently took a beating.

“They were pretty much obliterated,” said one Capitol Hill staffer who attended the exercise. “The active-duty team didn’t even know how they’d been attacked.”

The exercise highlights a sensitive question emerging inside the military’s cyberwarfare community about what future role reservists will play in the Pentagon’s overall cyber force.

the reservists can have jobs in the ITindustry and may be training militarily once or twice a year and seldom can be called to serve in another country or receive the opportunity to go voluntarily

it is clear however that if you want to set up a cyberforce you don't have to try to train existing people but that you have to add external volunteer resources to that if you want to stay combative and efficient

In Belgium there is nothing of that kind

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