#ukraine another weekend in which Russian troops are moving to invade

yes this will be one of these weekends again

for those who have been following this blog or twitterstream mailforlen

we have seen it before

but this time is different

* never were the russian forces on the border so organized in all of its military aspect (planes, airdefense, missiles and special intervention trops)

* never before was all the russian military material marked as if it was a humanitarian mission

* never before have the number of provocations and discovered bombcars and operatives been so high as the last days

* never before have the ukranian military effectively stopped a Russian humanitarian convoy ON THE BORDER

* never before had the Ukr President to call the US Vice President to tell him that a Russian invasion seems more than possible

* never before have the Russian press been preparing its audience for war and intervention in the coming days as a humanitarian intervention

and there are a lot of other signals that are sending the wrong message

the thought that we could wake up one of these days and that we have another war at our eastern borders feels strange and scary at the same time

you always know how and when it starts but never when and how it will end

hopefully Putin will try a bit, provoke a bit (just to show that at least he tried to his hardliners) but refrain from a real invasion if the risks become too great

for many people in Ukraine and in many  offices it will be a very sleepless weekend it seems

another one

just to be sure that when something happens they can react as fast as possible and hopefully intervene to stop this madness before nobody has any control over events

war means that you can't know what may happen next - even if you think that you control the operation and that everything has been prepared

and maybe, with some luck we may start the next week with the thought that this time we were very close, but in final minutes Russia and Europe didn't go over the brink

nevertheless war as a word has entered already some speeches of our leaders and it is now occupying our minds more than ever before - even if the Ukranians say that they are already several months in a kind of war - and it will take much time to make it disappear again

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