#ukraine the best image that shows how desperate Putin and the russian militia are this weekend (and how dangerous)

this map shows how much positions, checkpoints, cities and ground and tactical possibilities they have lost since 15 july (untill 5th of august)

this is also why it is a very dangerous weekend

if russia wants to intervene it will be very soon because if this kind of situation continues (and the Ukr army are now already holding some suburbs of Donetsk since the 5th and have conquered some more villages) they have hardly a few weeks left at the most (and that is when the Ukranian army is prudent)

there are car bombs that are found, small terrorist attacks in Kiev and other cities and incursions into Ukraine next to the provocations at the border by Russian artillery


the 13th of july

and the 5th of august (but remember a high number of Ukr soldiers were shot and wounded during those battled, they didn't come easy and this is not guerilla warfare, this is a war with tanks and missiles)

as I continue to say to my online Ukraine friends

if some-one would have said that we would be in this situation today you wouldn't believe him because several months ago we had more or less given up on nearly all the eastern provinces except that the battles of Odessa were a first turning point (the russian hooligans didn't win) and the election of the president was the second after which the army began to fight like an army should have fought from the beginning

the weekends before us are the last turning points, it are the points of no return in which Russia invades or doesn't and finds it possibilities to intervene or influences every weekend more limited and risky

from a nearly failed nonresponsive incapable state that looked as if it would be easy to cut up in different parts Ukraine has become a full state with democratic institutions, a mobilized population and effective state organisations. there is much work to be done but it can now be done with confidence, you can win in the east and keep in the first place all your provinces within your state

still leaves crimea, but first the east

all the lost lives were not for nothing if the Ukr army succeeds

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