#ukraine looks like this weekend can be the real endgame - militarily and infowarwise

militarily if this doesn't change it is strategically over and out if the Russians don't come in

meanwhile the reasons and videobackdrop to come in are now being tried out in Kiev where - as foreseen there are now provocations during the cleanup of Maidan (by accident liferu was present (they arrived yesterday night in a hotel near Maidan which sent a clear signal to everybody because they were ALWAYS instrumental in all failed infowarsettings the last months becasue they were alsways there BEFORE the falseflag operations and were filming before and during)

it is clear that in so far that the military strategy of Ukraine has become much better and that the SBU has prevented some provocations and dismantled some cells they don't have yet the same capability to stop this kind of infowar and covert russian actions

wouldn't surprise me at all if more things start happening at Kiev and hope they have a war room and enough operatives and police forces on the ground and around critical and governmental buildings and locations

the only way to go in is with this argument (even if the image is just a distorted lie - images win over words)

'as the people of the two beleaguered cities are without water, electricity and food and as the government of Kiev has so many problems in Kiew as we see on tv we have no other possibility than to deliver the necessary protection and services to the people of the Donetsk region"

if the operations in Kiev fail, than it is really over except for some really last attempt but even a downed civilean airline wasn't a succesful covert operation so how are the Russians going to pull off the other ones without bungling

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