the REAL russian invasion in #ukraine happens NOW in broad daylight without any reaction

there is no declaration of war even if they are in fact in a state of war with Russian military hardware and military on the territory of Ukraine and Russian tanks and artillery and missiles shooting from the Russian territory against Ukraine soldiers

since this evening images of Russian tanks, military trucks and missiles have been filmed and went around the world without any reaction from the EU or the US or NATO


and the possibility of worse is there because columns of Russian tanks are moving from Rostov in Russia to Ukraine

it is clear that dimplomacy has failed and that Putin has decided to send at the least some military force into Ukraine to try to defend Donetsk and Lugansk, the last two big cities hold by the socalled militias and mercenaries because they were not only more or less cut off from each other but also every day more encrircled while in Donetsk only the city center was still firmly in the hands of the seperatists

the most important thing that Putin has said yesterday is that if it is in the interest of Russia, he will not respect international agreements any more

you can see it as it happens through twitter

on mailforlen you see the most important official Ukr twitter streams and my retweets

if you are member of twitter you can follow more than 250 sources in one Ukraine twitterlist

everything is possible, the worst but also the extraction of the Russian troops and mercenaries from Ukraine

whatever happens this WAR has changed Europe and Russia for a long time to come


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