uber promises 3000 Euro a month to new drivers in the US

"New drivers who sign with UberX could earn up to $5,000 their first month, guaranteed. That's according to the latest string of Uber billboards, which have been placed somewhat incongruously on Muni buses throughout the city.

Five thousand dollars a month is no small change for a contract livery job. It's far more than the starting salary for a California public school teacher. It's more than the median salary for journalists. It's certainly a better paying gig than petty drug-dealing, though not quite as lucrative as high-profile ecstasy trafficking.

It certainly beats driving a cab in San Francisco, though it's about commensurate with what one would earn driving a Muni bus. And it's still piddling compared to the $7,074 a month that a Facebook MBA intern might pull.

this makes it a transportcompany whatever the status or contracts of their drivers

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