stop the #ebola panick, there is a possibility of control and cure

Panick is good for the press, it makes good headlines and increases readership and social popularity so panicks are coming as fast as they can be made, entertained and forgotten. When the effect of the first panick begins to worn out, they are already looking for the next one (and this is not something that is the cause of the internet or social media or whatever modern technology - it existed already long before but was only increased through the advent of new technologies and modern society).

For the 7th time we are having an Ebola pannick because it is happening in several countries and there are several people from western countries (and not some villages deep into the African jungle that can be totally isolated and where everybody forgets that hundreds of people are just lying there to die)

So just as many of the other big fears like 2YK, new forms of flu, exploding airplanes we have new industries, new technologies and new protection programs and administrations to keep our isolated countries or continents of relative prosperity and democracy a sense of protection.

by the way this is no different in the press articles and the debates about ITsecurity and privacy .... (remember cyberwar as a subject)

So there is also good news (but this has happened already 6 times before although we didn't care one bit about it as long as it was deep Inside the African jungle)

"Calling it a "miraculous day," an American doctor infected with Ebola left his isolation unit and warmly hugged his doctors and nurses on Thursday, showing the world that he poses no public health threat one month after getting sick with the virus.

Dr. Kent Brantly and his fellow medical missionary, Nancy Writebol, who was quietly discharged two days earlier, are still weak but should recover completely, and no one need fear being in contact with them, said Dr. Bruce Ribner, who runs the infectious disease unit at Emory University Hospital.

Brantly's reappearance was festive and celebratory, a stark contrast to his arrival in an ambulance under police escort three weeks earlier, when he shuffled into the hospital wearing a bulky white hazardous materials suit.

"I am thrilled to be alive, to be well, and to be reunited with my family," Brantly said, choking up as he read a written statement. Then he and his wife turned and hugged a parade of doctors and nurses, hugging or shaking hands with each one. For some, it was their first direct contact without protective gear.

so which will be the next big panick story of the press to make their headlines, pundits to have their moment of fame on national tv and researchers to have new budgets after being forgotten during years or décades (which is the feeling Kremlinwatchers have today)

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