#ukraine the most important war that is not and will not be declared (twitterlist with 300 sources)

Ukraine can not declare war because the IMF can't give its aid packages to countries at war

Russia will not declare war because it plays the game of the victim and wants to look like it has done nothing wrong.

Meanwhile the fighting has become very intense on many fronts and more Ukranian troops are heading to the troops, while In Ukraine everybody now understands that this is the most important battle ahead of them now

Russia is still sending troops and tanks Inside Ukraine while its artillery is attacking Ukranian military posts who can't respond because they don't want to create an 'incident' which would provoke Russia at invading massively Ukraine because its territory was bombed

Russia meanwhile is also bombing Ukranian military posts with airplanes that are invading the Ukranian airspace while the Ukranian can't shoot them down because they can't create an incident

It looks strange but this is the strangest war ever and if this is the new way war will be waged in the future than the countries bordering Russia will have to spend enormous resources and money at spying, anti-subversion, crowd control and border control aside from highly trained troops and many many many tanks and artillery (as Putin just as Hitler believes that tanks are the perfect tool for war). Which also means that anti-Russian tanks weapons should be high on the budget of any power who thinks it should keep Russia in check (and out of its country).

By the way countries bordering Russia will also have to develop a political strategy towards their russian minorities and be sure that they can't become the basis for socalled 'movements' and militias.

For those who understand that what the western press and especially the leftwing press is writing (who will never blame Putin for anything by the way) here is a twitterfeed with almost 300 sources

it has also prorussian tweeters just to have a feel about what they are saying and there are also a lot of them in Russian or Ukranian just because they have sometimes pictures and so on


this is Madness and why are we keeping silent and watching not knowing what to do

the choice is between freedom and invasion between international borders that are respected and a new area of total uncertainty in a whole region

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