airport charleroi under botnetattack

this is what De Standaard is writing today based on several sources

interesting to read that even in a critical infrastructure like an airport it is possible that there in infected infrastructure connected or in it or that infected infrastructure can be inserted in your infrastructure

we are talking about an airport in which there are 4 million users

and there was a heartbleed problem on the form in which people could personalise their services and that was mentioned in may while the alert was going out in april, which means that it was one month active

did they ask the users to change their password because nobody wants to say that there was a problem

and that is probably the reason why this problem has come to the attention

internally nobody wanted to know, the direction said that they weren't informed that there was a problem

they maybe didn't even know that you need a full comprehensive ITsecurity policy or that you need some level or urgency and that it is something that needs always ever more resources


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