#ukraine translated : how russian soldiers are forced to take a fighting holiday in Ukraine

source http://tvrain.ru/articles/rodstvenniki_rasskazali_o_skoroj_otpravke_200_voennyh_v_ukrainu-374742/

Vilhovik himself serving in the Ryazan region, 137 Guards Airborne Regiment. At the end of July 2014, he was transferred to the military unit near the village of Gukovo Rostov region, next to which is the appropriate option on the Russian-Ukrainian border

According to the relatives of a soldier, the other day he called them and said that he and his colleagues are forced to sign contracts. Parents banned Vilhovik do it, and he agreed, assuring that does not want to sign anything, as to serve him just two months - on November 7, soldiers would have to go home.

However, in the evening of the same day he called his older sister and said that he had signed a contract, without explaining why he was so quickly changed his mind. The next day, the soldiers got on the phone with a friend who spoke in detail about how forced to sign contracts. According to the soldier, he and his colleagues were threatened and vandalized tickets.

"The captain said the following sentence: I have you now on contract, and if you do not sign, I'll sign myself," - said the second soldier sister Nina Vilhovik. The same phrase repeated their relatives and other conscripts.

Later the family Vilhovika appealed to the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers and consulted a lawyer, who advised them to make a list of complaints and forward them to the legal authorities, and after receiving complaints call the soldier and tell him that he and his colleagues were going to write a report on the termination of the contract.
based on those contracts Putin says that it are not his troops because they have left a country and he has a paper to proof it to anyone who wants to be fooled by it


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