famine because of #ebola may kill much more people

"The world's worst Ebola epidemic has endangered harvests and sent food prices soaring in West Africa, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said on Tuesday, warning the problem would intensify in coming months.

The FAO issued a special alert for Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, the three countries most affected by the outbreak, which has killed at least 1,550 people since the virus was detected in the remote jungles of southeastern Guinea in March.

Restrictions on people's movements and the establishment of quarantine zones to contain the spread of the hemorrhagic fever have led to panic buying, food shortages and price hikes in countries ill-prepared to absorb the shock.

"In the three countries severely affected by Ebola, the agriculture and food security situation is really deteriorating," said Vincent Martin, head of an FAO unit in Dakar that is coordinating the agency's response

other articles are speaking of a total breakdown of the local economies

and so it is not ebola that may be the real killer but the whole desintegration of the economy and the society because of the measures that have been implemented to contain it

trying to solve it with just some drip-drop medical aid will not change this and will demand an enormous effort later on

remember the first Ebola crisis was in isolated villages that were totally cut off from the rest of the world

now we are faced with some Ebola infections in some cities with enormous populations, sparking more fears than reality shows us (only 2.000 people dead on a target population of millions if the doomsayers are to be believed)

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