#leak update 1 : 5 million mostly Russian GMail accounts leaked with passwords (download)

this is the download for now 


Do not try them because if you try them you may be doing something illegal in your country.

UPDATE 1 : it seems now that it are mostly Russian users so a local Gmail server will have been compromised or it is an infection or phishing campaign in Russia which has resulted to this file (and added with Junk to inflate the numbers and to increase the media attention because who cares about a few thousand of even a million Gmail accounts)

but in Reddit there are also others who have found their passwords in it and they didn't live in Russia

First it is a collection of old stuff, stupid stuff and working stuff (around 60% says some anonymous tester for what it is Worth)

Secondly it is time to add your telephone number to your Google account as double authentification (and keep your mobile from downloading unknown apps and malware)

Losing your emailaddress is something very essential because you will lose the possbility to change other passwords, verify changes and transactions and your contacts may receive trusted malware and spam. In mailboxes you can also find personal information that you can use to bypass other securityquestions or passwords to other services and networks or interesting contacts for social engineering

and what is more important your gmail account also gives you access to youtube (have porn), your surfhistory and plenty of other resources

GMAIL is the single biggest security failure of an unique passwords for many services (lose it all at once)

you can suppose that passwordchecking software is already busy trying the same passwords on other services and on Gmail.

Use always an unique password for your email.

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