pingly wants to change email forever

"Here are a few of the shortcomings we've identified with email and how Pingly plans to fix them:



Shortcoming #1:


Right now anyone can send you an email which is part of the beauty and simplicity of email, but that has also been abused.


Pingly has a feature called "Connections" so that you can still receive messages from anyone, but Connections let you choose who and what is important. Think of it like friending someone on Facebook or following someone on Twitter so that it allows special priority and notifications to you.





Shortcoming #2:


Messages sent to you via email come in all forms, shapes and sizes. Text and HTML, confirmation and RSVP, download a file or print tickets. Those are all great things, but on the downside, because there aren't specific message formats, you the user are required to digest each message to figure out what the sender is trying to convey to you or which action to take.


Pingly breaks messages down into different types such as: Conversation, Calendar event, Action required, etc. This way the messages are pre-digested for you in a familiar format that makes it easy for you to see the important information and take an action.





Shortcoming #3:


Email runs on older protocols like IMAP and SMTP that are around 30 years old and are hard for developers to work with.


Pingly provides a REST API to developers to make creating apps around email or extending Pingly a breeze.

not the first try and surely not the last one and too early too tell

the best thing would be if the big mailservers and webmails would incorporate this thinking in their products as a side-service you could use or not - and it could become a Facebook breaker for the private and familly stuff which is much more difficult to manage on Facebook ever more complicated privacy and access controls

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