for the first time we knew what it was like to be like a jew (and we're not)

we are not jewish - I am even not religious

but at the side of my wife there is maybe some jewish grand-grand parent but we don't know

we only know that my wife has a bigger nose and that throughout her family the women got names that may be viewed as jewish

today my youngest daughter came back from school where an arabic kid of 12 year had refused to talk to her because she had 'a jewish head' and some other f.... words along with it

my daughter said we should understand because he is palestinian .... but no we won't

we are not jewish and even if we were, you don't just refuse contact or to speak to some-one only because he or she looks like whatever and you don't insult someone else for something we have nothing to do with in any case

so all of a fact we become jewish because the nose is a bit bigger and for this palestinian this is a jewish head

jews were killed for that under Hitler and in Rwanda people were also killed for that (their big or small nose)

nah, we are going to have a good talk with the school, the teacher, the professor in islamic religion and his parents because we won't accept this

at the other side I explained to my wife that this is the first time she understood what it is to be a jew - a real jew - even if you are peaceful and open and democratic and not some-one just out to kill the palestinians and every peaceplan

a jew who is afraid to go against the 'popular guy', who doesn't know how to protect himself without attracting too much attention and who doesn't know on who he or she may count to defend him or that it won't make much difference and will in most cases hope that it will just pass without too much harm

we don't accept any racism, anti-semitism or any discrimination - that is the way we educate our children

It is not what you are that is important, but how are and if you are a racist or just stupid than you stay like that whatever you are, even if they are 'the same' as we are (or think we are)

this is profound and strange experience

jews will say that this is just normal, they have become used to it and that they just let it pass

it is the reason why there will always be a need for Israel even if that doesn't explain all the violence and occupations

but no, we don't and we won't - this has no place here and not in a school

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