Netflix and Belgacom should work together in Belgium

Belgacom delivers digital tvsetupboxen in Belgium but just as with Telenet the other Partner of this Oligopoly (with some smaller players) they didn't deliver something that is anything near the démonstrations and présentations that they were giving at the start to political and technological influencers

* we have a very very small number of free tv channels (70) which is the double of what we had before but which is nothing compared to the hundred of tv channels  in the air and offered on the US cable networks

* there are few or no open air or public information tvstations while it was announced that by going digital we could install this kind of open media as is the case in the US

* there is only a connection to a few internetservices while with Chromecast at 30 Euro I can have the whole internet and my laptop on the TV

* there is no permanent Library of films, series and documentaries or concerts and the film passports of Belgacom are just boring (compared to the internet)

and so I could go on and on

so netflix on Belgacom would be interesting

and maybe after Netflix there maybe some or hundreds of other services of packages you could chose from ?

because once you have tried one transportation model, there are others (for example why not American Football or other sports or live concerts etc.....)

If it is on the internet and it can be connected to the Digital TVnetwork than where is the problem

otherwise the problem will be that when people look outside (on the internet) they will see a whole new world of information, sports and animation that they should be able to find through their digital tv

Belgacom should maybe also understand that mainstream tv has become enormously boring and repetitive

If Belgacom doesn't do it (and maybe get a lower price for its members and use the economy of scale) than my Chromecast and laptop will do it (as they already do) but the quality will not be the same

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