#scotland everywhere else they would call that a landslide

look at the turnout

loot at the difference

compare with the Québec vote (only 60K difference)

and the massive mediahype campaign that gave the impression that Yes was closing the gap (which it wasn't in fact if you look at the opinion polls )

for example the last month


but ok here is what CNN made of it

which in fact was 48% for

and the final result is

based on the polls you could say that the undecided finally voted NO (which is now a good campaignbook for other countries faced with such referendums - keep the undecided undediced untill the last moment and give them enough reasons to have some fear of adventure and risk and you will win)

but when you look at the geography (and even the Turnout in the Yes bastions was lower than exepcted) and this was contrary to what was announced in the media by the Yes organisation (which shows again that just as in the US presidential élections that groundwork organisations responsable for the turnout on the day itself are a very important sometimes determining factor)

also remember that for the first time even 16year olds were invited and mobilised to vote by the scottish government

but the Scottish seperatists haven't really given up because they say that they are defeated .... for now

but the UK is now going through a very complex period of constitutional reform and federalisation (like we know in Belgium) which will change the country for the coming 300 years. THe country didn't know a french revolution and has still today some very rigid and ancient institutions (House of Lords for example).

the split in the country is also political in which England is becoming a conversative euroseptic bastion while the North and Welch are more leftwing and labour oriented (the Scottish educational system is different than the one in England giving more people access to higher education)

but this after the election next year and nobody has any idea how those will go - especially with the euroseptics UKIP making inroads in the Conservative strongholds

it also means that other seperatist movements in Europe have learnt that even a referendum that has been prepared during two years and that is led by a very popular local political party (SNP) and leader against a very unpopular central government and leader and in which all the local resources have been used to their full extent can't be a won

because if you can't do it in Scotland, why should it work in Flanders, Basque, North of Italy or Spain....

the main reason the undecided voted NO was because of the sentiment of Financial insecurity and dangers and that is something that you can never counter if there are enough reasons for that fear

and the fact that even if Scotland voted Yes it would have taken another 6 years of very dangerous negotiations before it could declare itself independent is something that has only reinforced that feeling because in 6 years a lot of things can happen or can be discovered that will change everything

and for historians, this is a map of the desintegration of the English empire over time  http://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/gallery/2014/sep/19/every-single-country-that-has-left-the-united-kingdom-mapped

and finally, one dream is totally scattered in the nationalist discourse

there is NO ONE Scotlands, there are at least two of them and the non-seperatists have won with a clear majority (any US president or party in a twoparty winner-takes-all election would sign for that result) just as there is not one UK or one Spain or one whatever region, language or people

it is time for those 19th century ideas to go to the dustbin of history because we see what happens if one mad leader with nuclear weapons and massive troops does with that, hé Putin  (this is different from decentralisation which is a democratic process which doesn't have to be nationalistic in tone or intent)


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