the #isis territory and why the air attacks are just make-believe

look at this map



look at the difference between the maps indicating that the situation is very fluid and that nobody really has a very good view about the total situation on the ground except about who controls the cities or which part of the cities.

secondly look also at the different appréciations of the régions that the Kurds still control - it is however clear that if we are not helping the isolated kurds  now they are just (again) fighting all alone for their survival

thirdly look at how the encirclement of Baghdad is beginning one step at a time ....

fourth look at how the plan for an Assadregion in Syria is playing out (Damascus to the coast) but where he still has to take control of some borderregions before 'freezing the lines

but the biggest question is

so do you really think that 10 or 20 attacks a day will really change something on the ground ?

do you really think all those cities can be retaken without troops on the ground ?

if your answer is yes

than you haven't read anything the last years about military campaigns especially against non-state terrorists

this is just a tv-show making you believe that we are doing something

the planes in Libya were helping but it were the thousands of volunteers and rebel forces on the ground that were taking over city after city after having fought street by street, house by house (now fighting each other)

and so, sending airplanes without the goods or men to fight on the ground

makes me understand that when they say it will take 2 to 3 years to beat ISIS is something that can't be sustained and that at some moment in time troops (at least in Iraq) and weapons (surely in Syria and Kurdistan) will have to be send over on a scale not imagined today

which is a shame because for each bomb or missile you could send over a great number of tanks, guns and other artillery for the ground troops

and yes, after this Kurdistan will be independent (it will have fought for that even if the Turks are just counting the Kurdish deaths and not firing a single shot at ISIS) and yes Syria will be split in two with a frozen conflict for some time to come (untill a new Russia decides that it doesn't want to support this kind of regimes anymore)

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