why JP Morgan (and 9 other US financial institutions) will be (s)hit again

"In addition to personal customer data, hackers gained access to something more valuable — a list of every application and program the bank uses to protect its servers — which could let them perform similar attacks in the future by taking advantage of potential security flaws in those programs.


“It’s as if they stole the schematics to the Capitol — they can’t just switch out every single door and window pane overnight,” one former employee said.


For JPMorgan, “swapping out those programs is costly and time-consuming, people say, because the bank would have to renegotiate licensing deals with technology suppliers and swap out programs and applications for hundreds of thousands of bank employees,” as the Times reports.

they now just have to wait

and than use the new exploit

probably there are hidden backdoors all over the place or accounts that haven't been changed yet

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