finfisher used by spyagencies to spy on other countries (example Pakistan and India)

"CSPF noted that a screenshot containing targets list of a Pakistani customer has 16 Indian IP addresses and only 2 Pakistani IP Addresses, suggesting that limited “domestic” use.

"One of the Exe’s leaked by Wikileaks '' MD5:074919f13d07cd6ce92bb0738971afc7 when opened shows the image of 'khushab nuclear reactor ' in Pakistan." The report reads.

"This might have been used to target Indian Officers as they might be tempted to click on it and view the image".

You can find the full report here:

So here is the problem

you have a private spytech firm that can monitor people with their phones across borders and for that reason has legal and illegal installations across the world to follow them

so they probably have such installations in India an Pakistan and they have clients in India and Pakistan and probably those two are using it against ..... each other

which makes of this firm a real..... spy agency not a technology company

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