how to get the cryptophone total security on the phones of your network without buying phones

at 6000 dollars a phone that could become an enormous sum for which you wouldn't get the budget anyway

but there is another possbility although no prices are mentioned but that could be interesting

a reminder, the phone is totally encrypted and accepts only connections from trusted and known towers, not anyone connecting to your phone as is the case for the moment (read the whole article if you have missed this story)

"Unfortunately, the firewall isn’t available for every phone. It’s currently designed for use on customized phones with the rest of the CryptoPhone operating system, although the firewall can be installed separately without other parts of the operating system. But it takes two to three months to customize a phone with the CryptoPhone operating system—Goldsmith’s company has to replace the resident Android operating system with the modified CryptoPhone operating system. And the company will only do the installation for enterprise and government customers where multiple phones of the same type are being modified at once. Goldsmith says it would take too much work to do different phones individually.

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